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Religion and Politics

“Religion and Politics” from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy discusses the relationship between religion and politics.


“Routledge Handbook of Religion and Politics” Edited by Jeffrey Haynes, 2004. Read Part II: Religion and governance.


“Political Science and Religion” by Miroljub Jevtic discusses the effects of religion in political science.


“Politics and Religion” The Academy of Evolutionary Metaphysics, 2005, discusses the history of religion in politics.

“The Religious Influence in Politics” The Economist, 2009.


The paper “On Religion and Public Policy: Does Catholicism Make a Difference?” by Francis G. Castles, 1994, discusses how religious differences between nations may be relevant to understanding differences in public policy with a focus on Catholicism.


“Global Sisters Report”  “is an independent, non-profit source of news and information about Catholic sisters and the critical issues facing the people they serve. Our network of journalists report about their lives and works, and sisters write commentary from their perspective.”


“Christianity and the welfare state” “This paper shows that religion is a basic principle that underlies modern poverty policy. However, it has played out in very different ways in societies according to the relative predominance of Catholic, Lutheran, and Reformed Protestant (Calvinist/Puritan) heritages.”


“Where Major Religious Groups Stand on Abortion” is a resource developed by the Pew Research Center. It contains an interactive map.

“Chapter 2: The Relationship Between Religion and Politics” from A Cursory Glance at the Theory of Wilayat al-Faqih by Ayatullah Muhammad Taqi Misbah Yazdi.


The paper “Religion, Politics, and Development: Lessons From the Lands of Islam” by Jean-Philippe Platteau, 2011, provides an analysis of the merging of politics and religion, specifically in areas where Islam is the primary religion.


“Islam and Authoritarianism” by M. Steven Fish, 2002, examines relationships between Islam and political regimes types.


“Do Islamic Orientations Influence Attitudes Toward Democracy in the Arab World? Evidence from Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and Algeria” by Mark Tessler, 2002, examines how the Islamic world has been unaffected by the shift towards democracy in other parts of the world and the influence Islam may have on this.


“Islam and Politics in Central Asian States” by Aleksei Malashenko discusses the impact of Islam in politics within the Central Asian States.


“Politics, Islam, And Public Opinion” by Saiful Mujani and R. William Liddle discusses the influence of Islam in Indonesian politics.


“Judaism and Democracy” Daniel J. Elazar discusses Judaism and its relationship with democracy in Israel.


“Discourse of Religion on Politics in Israel: The Compatibility of Judaism and Democracy” by Ben Goldberg, 2003, examines the role of Judaism on politics and democracy in Israel.


“Religion in Israeli Society, Politics, and Foreign Policy” by Dr. David Elcott, Georgetown University, 2008.


“Judaism and Political Life” by Hillel Fradkin, 2004 discusses the relationship between Judaism and democracy.

The article “Religious Democracy and Civilizational Politics: Comparing Political Islam and Political Catholicism” by Michael Driessen, 2013, compares political Islam and political Catholicism.


The article “Faith and Politics: The Influence of Religious Beliefs on Political Participation” by Robyn Driskell, Elizabeth Embry, and Larry Lyon, 2008, discusses the influence of religion on politics and how this affects political participation.


“Islam, Judaism, and the Political Role of Religions in the Middle East”by John Bunzl, 2004 Read section: “On the use of religion in contemporary Middle Eastern politics” page 137.


The article “The New Religious Politics: Where, When and Why Do Fundamentalisms Appear?” By Nikki R. Keddie, 1998, explores the religious movements towards fundamentalism, what leads to these movements, and their influence.